The Virtual Stripper Software

The software gives you total control over the virtual strippers.

The software has an auto install which puts a little icon in your system tray to show that it is running. Double clicking on this will allow you access to the different areas of the control panel. Below are some example screen shots to give you a better idea of how it works.

Virtuagirl add one or two new girls every week and each girl has four or more sets of animations (different strips in different costumes and settings). Most of the girls also have three or four excellent videos of them having fun or stripping, as well as several sets of high quality and very sexy photos of them, so you don't just get the desktop strippers program, you get a whole lot more... ;)

When a new girl is released you can decide which of her striptease animations, videos or photos you want to view or download - check out the virtual girl stripper site page to see what I mean.

Click here to download free trial virtual strippers program

Virtual Stripper Program

These sample screen shots so you can see how the software works...

The settings page allows you to decide how often the girls pop up on to your desktop to do a strip for you, how large they appear, which side of your desktop they appear on and whether you also get music or a sexy voice when they do a striptease.

The models page allows you to see which of the virtual strippers and their individual animations you currently have loaded and remove any that you no longer want (as if!;)

There is also an alarm function where you can set the program to remind you of something with a desktop stripper.

Sweet! ;)

Click here to download free trial virtual strippers program

Disclaimer - all featured models are at least 18 years of age - 2002 Totem Entertainment - All rights reserved - VirtuaGirl is a Registered Trademark

Not convinced your desktop needs a virtual stripper?

Geez! I can't believe you've not already downloading the free version, I did mention that it is FREE didn't I...?

Click here to download the free virtual stripper program now.

O.K., if you're really not convinced yet here's some more previews for you to check out: -

Click here to download free trial version VirtuaGirl2

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or click here to download free virtuagirl stripper software

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